Comedy Fridays at Jokes & Notes

Standing ovation and a round of applause for Jokes and Notes! Where do I start?! This place is perfect for people who love to laugh and be entertained in style. Its definitely a hidden gem in Chicago.

The Logistics: There was a long, cold wait in line, but was well worth it. And the group of friends I went with agrees. Although the place was a bit tight, we were all able to see the entire show comfortably. There was also a two drink minimum per person, fyi. 

Comedy: Best in the city! Our host, Jay Deep, was hilarious! He easily could have been one of the main performers. There were two warm up acts. I can’t remember their names, but the first guy held his own and the second guy was pretty solid.

Then there was the headliner, Lil Rel. He was extremely funny with his character style of comedy that takes you inside of his world growing up on the westside of Chicago. Introducing characters like his mother, uncle, barber, and of course my favorite, the neighborhood “hoodrat”, this guy easily became one of my favorite comedians that night!

Overall I give this place two thumbs-up. My experience at Jokes and Notes was smooth, enjoyable, and most importantly entertaining!

Jokes and Notes, 4641 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60653 (773) 373-3390

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