Caramel Latte at Sip & Savor

2014-11-06 14.11.10For a taste of local Bronzeville coffee, head to Sip & Savor, a cozy laid-back cafe, located in the heart of the community. Here you can find local politicians, poets, and young professionals mingling and enjoying some of the best coffee on the southside. I stop here about three times a week before work. Excellent customer service, large selection of beverages, plenty of places to sit, and overall a very relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention their prices are also reasonable. Next time you’re in the neighborhood stop by Sip & Savor and try one of my personal favorites: a banana caramel latte.

Sip & Savor, 528 E. 43rd Street (between Vincennes and St. Lawrence); 1773-855-2125

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